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Pharmavol labs
Old 12-06-17, 07:37 PM
Serostim 6mg 126iu
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I've secured a steady and reliable source of EMD Serono Serostim. Available immediately are the 6mg 126iu kits. These kits come directly from the script holding hiv patient to me. They script holders are the reliable source.
There are a limited # of kits because of this. There are 12 kits that are available to me and to us. I don't expect to sell 12 kits. I do intend to use my fair share myself in preparation of Nationals that are coming up quickly.
Exp dates are Feb and March 2020. Kits as of this moment are 14-21 days out of the pharmacy. All kits have remnants of the script sticker that had the patients name, address, and script #. All anti counterfeitting things are present. The holographic tape on both ends as well as the "Invisible" M in one corner of the box.
All kits have been authenticated using the free downloadable APP from EMD Serono called "Check My Meds" which has you scan the coded box next to the exp date and batch #'s. Once you've taken delivery you can also authenticate the kit using the same APP.
One reason, besides availability, to choose Serostim when deciding which pharm grade gh to use is the patented technology that EMD Serono has.
Serostim is the ONLY gh...pharma and generic...that is to be shipped and stored at room temp. All other gh should be shipped and stored cold. That's just a fact.
Once you reconstitute a 18iu vial any serostim left in that vial is to be stored cold.
Also, the 6mg 126iu kits come with sterile water to mix with. It is suggested that you get yourself a vial of bacteriostatic water to use is place of sterile water.
Why, EMD Serono makes a kit intended to multi use inj and in place of sterile water is bacteriostatic water. If the guys at EMD Serono say bac water if storing gh for a time in the fridge then thats what I do. The kit with bac water is not often seen. Its the exact same gh but is a kit with less total iu's. I believe the total iu's in that kit to be 78iu's? Its 70 something. 30ml of bac water will run you about $5 and will last you about 4 kits if running 4iu's/ed.
Now, I will not take your money if kits are not on hand. Also, Serostim will ship within 24hrs of my receiving payment. I'm not fucking around with this product. Kits will ship USPS Priority 2-3 day and you will receive tracking. That's all there is to it. Now on to price. There is one reputable website that serves the Community that is a legit source of Serostim. The price is $950 for 126iu's. My price for the 6mg 126iu kit of Serostim is $685.00 plus $10 to ship.
Again, I don't expect to sell a bunch of these kits. Generic gh customers aren't going to convert. But if you want the freshest pharm grade gh at the best price from a legit domestic source...and you want it fast...then this product is for you.

I'll try get bouncer to update my list
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