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  1. unhealthy lifestyle guy
  2. NAD+ treatment restores DNA repair
  3. Smart idea or bad idea?
  4. The longer you use opioids, the greater the risks—and the risks rise fast.
  5. Neanderthal Used Aspirin
  6. 11 Types Of Cancer Linked To Obesity
  7. Any vegetarians on here
  8. Gyno surgery experiences?
  9. How much are my arteries blocked
  10. Got the bug
  11. Replace cortisone shots with Jell-O shots?
  12. Huge New Study Proves Marijuana Effectiveness
  13. Study Links Happiness and Physical Activity
  14. Could exercise help my health problems
  15. Tuna’s Declining Mercury Contamination Linked to U.S. Shift Away from Coal
  16. Scientists to reset blood proteins in attempt to slow aging process
  17. Fat Kids In The Western World
  18. Reduce Inflammation Extend Lifespan
  19. Depression Relieved after taking fish oil for 3 weeks
  20. Arthritis in the hand
  21. 1 Fish Oil Capsule Per Day Lowers Cortisol Levels
  22. Weed and Bodybuilding
  23. Vit B5 Good For Pimples
  24. Richard Dawkins Misrepresents Science, Say British Scientists
  25. Ibuprofen is a doping substance says study.
  26. Exercise Lowers Estrogen
  27. The male birth control shot looks promising, but needs work
  28. Boosting levels of NAC helps resist age-related decline
  29. Krill Oil and Niacin regimen
  30. Ketamine Is Changing The Way Depression Is Treated
  31. Dht blocker shampoos?
  32. Effect of Royal Jelly on Male Infertility
  33. Statin Drugs Speed Up Aging Process
  34. Soda companies buying off health organizations to keep truth hidden.
  35. Here's Why Big Cities are Healthier
  36. Doctors say giving women testosterone could give them energy & health
  37. Getting your cardiovascular system checked properly
  38. Genetics Make You Prefer Fat Over Sugar
  39. Being An Alpha Makes You Healthier
  40. Good Cheap Body and Face Lotions
  41. My c7 vertebrae
  42. Maternal Marijuana Use
  43. How Can I Lower My Cholesterol in a Few Days
  44. Stress Cancels Out Healthy Diet
  45. New Opioid That Kills Pain But Is Not Addictive
  46. High Insulin Prices
  47. Got My Trigger Point Injections Yesterday
  48. Green Tea Lowers Cortisol
  49. Exercise Improves Recovery In The Elderly
  50. Calorie Restriction Slows The Aging Process
  51. Rage mounts against pharma corp. that jacked cost of life-saving EpiPen by 400%
  52. Qualifying for TrT
  53. Counterfeit pills from China killed Prince
  54. So Now We're Being Told Flossing Is Bad? WTF?
  55. Generation Beta - Generation Low Hormones
  56. Opioids Worsen Pain Over Long Periods
  57. The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life
  58. Why Is Diazepam (Valium) So Good With Muscle Spasm Issues?
  59. US and UK fall behind in largest ever global study of height
  60. Milk On The Shelves Will Soon Be Much Older
  62. Medical Marijuana States See Big Drop in Drug Prescriptions and Medicare Spending
  63. Alcohol linked to at least seven cancers
  64. Caffeine (Coffee) Does Not Cause Dehydration
  65. How Social Media Has Negative Effects On Bodybuilding Goals
  66. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (AAS)
  67. Wrestlers sue WWE over neurological injuries
  68. Psychological Stress Slows Down Recovery In Bodybuilders
  69. Weed May Help Alzheimer's
  70. Pomegranate boosts muscles and fights aging
  71. Inflammation In Bodybuilders - Good or Bad?
  72. Question On Hydration For The SM Bro Scientist
  73. Antidepressants Danger Or Wonder?
  74. Estrogen deficiency
  75. Be weak and in pain or strong and in less pain
  76. Gut Bacteria Eat Calming Neurotransmitter Gaba
  77. Muscle Mass Extends Lifespan
  78. How much should be drink water in summer?
  79. Fit Body & Sharp Mind Confirmed By New Discovery Of Special Protein
  80. Kids Hitting Puberty Much Earlier
  81. A Guide On Testosterone Replacement (TRT)
  82. Obesity & Gut Bacteria Linked To Autism
  83. Smoking Causes Muscle Breakdown By Increasing Myostatin
  84. Bowl Of Oatmeal Per Day Secret To Long Life
  85. Increased My Omega-3 Dose To 3 Grams
  86. Cranberries Have Strong Anti-Aging Effect
  87. Long-Term Marijuana Use Changes Brain's Reward Circuit
  88. 61-Year-Old J.K. Simmons
  89. California Is Raising Its Tobacco Buying Age to 21.
  90. High Blood Sugar = Low Testosterone Levels
  91. How Mental Stress Kills Muscle Gains
  92. pain and relax meds withdrawal
  93. The Unbiased Truth About Artificial Sweeteners
  94. Every cup of coffee that men drink reduces chance of prostate cancer by 3%
  95. How Our Minds Can Sabotage Our Bodybuilding Goals
  96. Flavonoid In Cocao (Epicatechin) Inhibits Myostatin
  97. Osteocalcin Hormone Enhances Synthesis Of Anabolic Hormones
  98. Alflutop???
  99. Should You Take a Probiotic?
  100. Calming The Anxious Mind
  101. The body's limits - Ron Coleman
  102. San Francisco's New Sugar Beverage Law
  103. Went to the docs today
  104. I want everyone to read this
  105. Study this
  106. Effects of long term pain
  107. Something I noticed about this forum
  108. Tylenol Reduces Empathy
  109. TENS unit.
  110. If You're Fat You Have Lower Levels Of Testosterone
  111. Coffee Kills Pain & Improves Resistance Training
  112. 1/3rd Of All Antibiotics Are Wrongly Prescribed
  113. What is Mitragynine?
  114. Egg Yolk Cholesterol Boosts Immune System (2016 Study)
  115. Slower Metabolism In Fat People Who've Lost Weight
  116. To belt up or not
  117. Guess the BF%
  118. Microbiome Linked To Healthy Body
  119. Coffee & Wine = Healthy Gut
  120. Weed Linked To Low Birth Weight
  121. DEA Greenlights Weed For PTSD
  122. E-Cigarettes 10x Worse Than Regular Cigarettes
  123. Cancer Research Is Broken
  124. Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) Blocks Beneficial Effects Of Weight Lifting
  125. The Downfall Of The New England Journal of Medicine
  126. Retired NFL Players Support Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain & Depression
  127. At the doc... High blood pressure.. High resting pulse..
  128. What Is Wrong With Human Enhancement?
  129. Smoking And Caffeine Consumption Show A Strong Positive Correlation.
  130. All California Women Can Now Get Birth Control Without A Prescription
  131. FDA To Ban Cancer Causing Pig Antibiotic
  132. Waist Circumference is a Stronger Predictor of Heart Disease Than BMI
  133. Cold Exposure May Be An Effective Preventive Measure Against Obesity
  134. The more cannabis you smoke, the more likely you are to be a loser.
  135. Therapeutic Potential Of LSD
  136. 97% Of Americans Live A Unhealthy Life
  137. Tough Guys Aren't Honest with Doctors
  138. Collagen Synthesis - Spine Health - Anabolic Steroids & HGH
  139. Off-switch for overeating and obesity found in the brain
  140. Study Suggests "Carbs" Increase Cancer Risk
  141. Vitamin D a No Go for Arthritic Knees
  142. Blood work profile
  143. The Obesity Paradox
  144. Drinking more coffee may undo liver damage from booze
  145. This Is What The "Perfect" Man Looks Like In 19 Different Countries
  146. Homeopathy is worthless
  147. 20 Things You Didn't Know About Testosterone
  148. Which Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain?
  149. Vaping Kills the Immune System
  150. The Problem with Fitness and Social Media
  151. Alcohol Also Damages the Liver by Allowing Bacteria to Infiltrate
  152. Couch Potatoes May Have Smaller Brains Later in Life
  153. Why Fit People Burn Fewer Calories
  154. Ketamine has a 75% cure rate in severe depression.
  155. Marijuana Decreases Verbal Memory - Gets Worse For Every Year Of Use
  156. Science Discovers "Holy Grail" of Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
  157. diet coke myth smashed
  158. No 1 problem with fitness industry
  159. Can you exercise too much?
  160. Anyone ever had cortisone injections
  161. Scientists Confirm The Human Sixth Sense
  162. Want to Lose Weight? Fewer Americans Say Yes
  163. Meditation for men
  164. Are Antibiotics Making People Larger?
  165. "Fat But Fit" Concept Dismissed by Science
  166. Youth Genes Discovered
  167. U.S. Navy Recruits Gut Microbes to Fight Obesity and Disease
  168. Scientists may have found formula for a painless existence
  169. Phobia of sicknesses leads to Angelina Jolie syndrome
  170. ALA for Pain Relief - It Works.
  171. Why my palm sweat a lot?
  172. Does Testosterone Give Men Better Direction Sense?
  173. US president praises cannabis for curing his cancer
  174. 5 Questionable Health Trends
  175. TENS machine
  176. Loneliness May Warp Our Genes, And Our Immune Systems
  177. One of the great things about bodybuilding
  178. Imagine the medical science progress that could be made
  179. Strong Weed Damages Brain
  180. High dose of vitamin C kills cancer cells in mice
  181. Newly Discovered Bacteria Can Resist All Antibiotics
  182. Even more evidence that coffee is really good for you.
  183. Can Exercise Inspire More Than Just Physical Growth?
  184. 2 Soft Drinks Per Day Increases Heart Failure Risk By 23%
  185. Good News! Alcohol Might Not Actually Kill Brain Cells
  186. How low testosterone levels could be depleting your energy
  187. Everything we know about addiction is wrong.
  188. fix broken nose with two pens
  189. sciatica a real pain in the ass
  190. Progress reported on drug to regrow hair
  191. Metabolic Syndrome Found In People With Less Than Six Hours Of Rest
  192. Why are placebos getting more effective?
  193. Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Ammonia?
  195. Can Whiteners Damage the Teeth?
  196. Marijuana exposure in utero has lifelong consequences
  197. How to Protect Yourself Against MRSA at the Gym
  198. Wine Helps Type 2 Diabetes
  199. Scientists identify birth control pill for Men.
  200. New Insights About Melatonin
  201. Antidepressants plus blood thinners cause brain cancer cells to eat themselves
  202. Tall and Slim: The Genes are Linked
  203. Why you need to ditch products with microbeads for good
  204. One Biotech CEO's Plan To Slash The Cost Of Cancer Immunotherapy
  205. Daily Aspirin Benefits People in Their 50s Most
  206. Olive Oil May Help Prevent Breast Cancer
  207. How to use Melanotan 2 (MT-2) for Tanning
  208. People with intellectual disabilities are being given antipsychotics
  209. Lack of sleep puts you at higher risk for colds
  210. Some STDs May Be Good for You
  211. Wasp venom 'a weapon against cancer'
  212. 'Metabolic Switch' Toggles Our Cells to Store or Burn Fat
  213. The Progress and Pitfalls of Medical Marijuana
  214. Coffee Aids Colon Cancer Recovery
  215. How Sleep Position May Affect the Brain
  216. Melanotan II
  217. FDA takes action after Kim Kardashian raves about morning sickness pill
  218. Men and obesity: where’s the help with weight loss?
  219. Stretch Marks
  220. Obama endorses medical marijuana
  221. Care needed to reduce pet-to-human infection risk
  222. The 4 Vitamins A Cardiologist Wants You To Take
  223. Just One Can Of Diet Coke A Day Makes You Fat, Study Claims
  224. Coffee Greatly Reduces Risk Of Getting Skin Cancer
  225. Massive tea consumption linked to kidney failure
  226. Folic acid, a B vitamin, lowers stroke risk in people with high blood pressure
  227. Coffee erases liver cancer risk caused by daily alcohol consumption
  228. Fit middle-aged men 'at lower risk for some cancers'
  229. Facial Thread 2.0
  230. 10 Habits Of People Who Love To Work Out
  231. Men Are Totally Hardwired by Evolution to Prefer Curvy Women, Study Finds
  232. Male Menopause
  233. 10 things we didn't know about coconut oil: Separating myths from miracles
  234. Cigarettes: A product that kills two out of three of its users
  235. The cost of getting lean
  236. Smokers Are More Likely To Suffer From Anxiety And Depression
  238. US to blame for the high costs of health drugs
  239. What The Bacteria In Your Stomach Have To Do With Your Physical And Mental Health
  241. Banish smartphones and computers from bedroom to get a good sleep, say scientists
  242. so who shaves their head? and what to do about getting red bumps on neck?
  243. Tricks To Eat Healthier No Matter How Busy You Are
  244. How many times a day do you fart
  245. Leave the Gym Resolutioners Alone
  246. Gluten-Free Craze Is Boon And Bane For Those With Celiac Disease
  247. ingrown hairs from shaving
  248. Fake Meal Pill to fight obesity
  249. Researchers Find Significant Link to Daily Physical Activity, Vascular Health
  250. 5 Powerful Steps to Turning Your Life Around in 2015