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Old 02-23-19, 10:37 AM
Low Testosterone Men Are Angry and Moody
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Low Testosterone Men Are Angry and Moody

Testosterone gets blamed when some d-bag flies into a rage, but this study shows it's the low-T men you have to watch out for.

Many people still think that testosterone will cause you to kill your parents and run over small woodland creatures. But paradoxically, it's often men with low testosterone levels that are moody, depressed, and even angry, while men with normal or high testosterone levels are generally sociable and gregarious.

Dr. Christina Wang of UCLA found that men with low T were likely to be snarkier and more aggressive than men with high T, but once the snarky ones received T replacement, their attitude and anger disappeared (1).

The Exceptions
Improper usage (very high doses) of testosterone or steroids could elicit aggressive tendencies ("roid rage") in men that might be predisposed to such behavior. Likewise, socioeconomic status can play a role, too.

Experience (and a couple of studies) shows us that a good deal of societal misbehavior comes from men with high testosterone levels but low socioeconomic status. Men who are high in testosterone but also high in socioeconomic status can usually restrain themselves because they know they have more to lose.
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Mr I
Old 02-23-19, 03:14 PM
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Completely agree
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Old 02-23-19, 03:39 PM
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While coaching little league baseball my test was real low and I was always moody not wanting to deal with parents bullshit, quickly cutting their questions off but once I started TRT I was a day early ready for their ass.

Not in a rage way but in a mentally focused prepared way.

I'd have a satisfying prepared excuse for why their kids ass is on the bench at the time. Thanks to General
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