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Old 11-11-17, 07:05 AM
Creatine and the effects it have on your performance
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Creatine as been discussed many times, but here's is a perfectly good example in why creatine is a very good suppliment...

Even on cycle I would recommend creatine..

I take 3.4 grams a day (scoop and recommended dose)notice significant results at the gym. Some people take 5 grams a day, but that arguement can be discussed in another time...

So if you are new to Training or don't want to jump into the dark side.. Creating is for you!!

Here is a good breakdown I found!!

There are generally two ways your body gets energy to move.*Aerobic and Anaerobic

Aerobic - Fueled by oxygen. Normally slow steady stuff like jogging. You can create enough energy to continue by breathing.

Anaerobic - Oxygen is not enough. You need other energy systems. Normally short fast intense stuff. Lifting heavy weight. Running at a full speed sprint, etc.

Creatine helps with the Anaerobic stuff.

There is a molecule in your body called AdenosineTRIphosphate.*AdenosineTRIphosphate.(ATP) The "tri" is because the molecule has THREE phosphates.

You body harvests energy to fuel anaerobic activity, by breaking ATP up and using one of the phosphates. The leftover product is AdenosineDIphosphate. DI meaning TWO. Get it? It had three phosphates, you used one, two are left.

Creatine is a substance that carries loose phosphates. These phosphates can be pushed into ADP turning it back into ATP, which can be used for more energy. Like extra battery boost packs within your muscle. (Fun trivia fact: the first supplement company to really market creatine as a fitness supplement, back in the 90s, used the brand name "Phosphagen". EAS by Bill Phillips)

Creatine is naturally found in red meat and fish, BUT not at a high enough level to make pure food the most efficient way to get it.

There is a maximum amount of creatine your body can hold for your respective bodyweight.

The recommended maintenance dose of creatine to keep that level full is 5 grams per day.

To get that 5 grams per day from a creatine powder supplement, you would only need about one teaspoon. That's zero calories, and costs maybe 20 cents a day.

To get that amount of creatine from meat, you would have to eat 2 1/2 pounds of red meat or fish per day. For most people, fitting that into their diet isn't an option, calorie or price wise. You're probably not crushing a steak twice a day. (fun fact: back before creatine supplementation was a thing, old school bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno really did eat steaks twice a day. They said they weren't exactly sure why, but something about it got them extra jacked.)


What noticeable effect will you get from taking creatine?

Imagine going to the gym and adding 5lbs to all your lifts and/or squeezing out 1 or 2 more reps on each set. Also, recovering and being ready to go again maybe 20 seconds sooner, between each set.

"But my brother said it will get me jacked, but my coach says its just water"

Both true. Sort of.

A SIDE effect of creatine is size. Creatine causes you to hold a bit more water INSIDE muscle fiber cells. This is NOT the same as water bloating, outside the muscle fiber. This is cell volumization, inside the cell.

Does that help you any? Meh. Maybe? Some people claim the larger muscle size (due to volumized cells) gives you better leverage. Some people have some arguments about fascia stretching or whatever. Some people (bodybuilders) just think, "It it means my muscles look bigger, fuller and still rock hard, who cares?"

Either way, the MAIN effect was being able to lift harder and heavier, and that will definitely help make your muscles grow anyways.

"Is it safe though?"

Depends. If you have HEALTHY NORMAL kidney function, then yes. Absolutely. You won't overdose on creatine. There is a limit to what you can hold. When you pass that limit, you pass the excess out in your urine. No harm no foul. Taking 3 times the recommended dose wouldn't be "harmful" but you would be almost literally, "pissing your money down the toilet".

If you DON'T have healthy, normal kidney function, than asking your kidneys to filter and excrete that extra creatine is just asking it to do more work than it normally has to, which probably isn't good, since its already impaired.


Remember that water and volumization thing? Since creatine can prompt your cells to absorb water, you need more water. Not getting enough water could lead to muscle cramping, since, surprise surprise, dehydrated muscles tend to cramp up.

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fuck a dime. im a dolla
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Old 11-11-17, 10:04 AM
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agree. i think me and you had a debate awhile back. you were saying "why use creatine on cycle, its a waste.".

It's because it works in a way completely different from steroids so it can only help. i think it was you anyway. If not, fuck you anyway.
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Old 11-11-17, 10:16 AM
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Yea we argue on that awhile Back, but after being on creatine for awhile now I see it helps with my lifts and endurance...

1 point for you.. so fuck you guy

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