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Old 05-25-16, 12:08 PM
Top 4 pick for Massive Guns... According to Science
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My new found obsession with reaching 20 inch pipes has only ever been rivaled by my ongoing obsession with reaching a 500lb bench press. And now those two goals are directly correlated. But that's how it goes for me, I'm either not interested or i am 250% on-board. The middle ground between my two settings is foreign territory.

Sept 2015 I reached a lifetime PR, 395lb bench at a body weight of 294. Stacking tren/mast/test and a monstrous calorie surplus I almost joined the 405 club, but joint pain be damned I fell short.

Since then I've taken 6 months off cycle, kept 92% of my 395lb bench and dialed in my diet and nutrition. This past Sunday I weighed in at 246, benching 365lbs as a 1 RM.

The most important part of a big bench is unarguably linked to strong arms. Or at least that's what the godfather of powerlifting himself, owner of weight lifting mecca, Westside Barbell, Louie Simmons preaches. He says strong arms particularly strong triceps is 75% of what makes a big bencher.

Triceps is anatomically 2/3rd's of your arm. Tricpes are a smart place to start for getting massive pipes. So what are the best tricep exercises. Because im obsessed and I won't settle for shit that's going to waste my time. I won't settle for less than the best.

Here they are, according to an EMG study done in a very scientific fashion. For those who don't know what an EMG is, it's a machine that measures electrical currents through diodes adhered to your skin. The body produces currents in muscles that are contracting, the better/harder the contraction the higher the EMG reading. The guy who wrote this article used an EMG to measure the effectiveness of 35+ tricep movements.

1) Heavy Rope Extensions
2) Heavy Cable Extensions
3) Heavy Dips
4) Heavy Cable Overhead Extensions

Obviously this isn't the bible, use your fucking head. But it's a great place to start. I personally can't believe underhand/supinated cable extensions didn't make it into the testing. That's my personal favorite for tricep annihilation.

Biceps too:
1) Weighted Chin ups
2) Heavy Wide Parallel Grip Pull Up
3) 50 lb One Arm Preacher Curl
4) 50 lb Concentration Curl


So what do you guys think? Do these hold water with you? What's your personal faves or woes with the above lists?
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Old 05-25-16, 12:24 PM
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I will say that having a strong back definitely helps with the bench, I speak from experience. I don't necessarily agree with having strong arms is needed for a strong bench. I've seen many people have weak arms and bench very strong, stronger than myself and I have strong arms.

Technique is HUGE on moving heavy weight. Good post though
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Old 05-25-16, 07:53 PM
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I get what your saying Rado but I'd imagine strong arms would always make your bench even stronger. In other words, if your a great bencher with weak arms, you'll be fucken insane bencher with strong arms.

Good post brainsb4brawn
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Old 05-25-16, 08:20 PM
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I would say a heavy close grip, elbows tucked bench is great for adding both size to the tricep and adding weight to your normal bench
There are no limits if you always push them
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