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Old 07-08-18, 02:19 AM
Building mass with lighter weights
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All you pussies who train for the pump will love this.
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Old 07-08-18, 02:25 AM
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This guy puts me to sleep everytime i try to watch something.

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Old 08-01-18, 06:36 PM
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He splendidly missed one of the most fundamental principles that separates olly lifters from bidybuilders

Olympic lifters use tendon elasticity and vert shirt time under tension of their muscle energy to move something from a to b

Bodybuilders use a form that throws as much strain on the muscle as possible for a long time under tension for each rep

Fucking idiot

Yes you do need to progressively overload to keep growing but guess what, you cant do that forever so you superset or whatever to get intensity but ultimately get the size then chizzel away you simply cannot keep going heavier look what it did to Ronnie
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Old 10-19-18, 05:01 PM
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higher reps for toning is a myth. your muscle tissue tones just as much with low reps. there are 3 types of muscle fibers and different vartiaions of weight, reps, rest, etc focus more towards one muscle type than the other. i split my time in the gym between low reps heavy weight and super high volume. i rotate every couple of months or switch to volume if my workout partner is show prepping since a show prep diet isnt very feasible to hit your max weights on, *typically but ive seen PR's on show preps.
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