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Reload this Page Looking for help in a doctoral journey. (crosspost f/ 'male' training forum)

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Old 08-07-03, 02:08 AM
Looking for help in a doctoral journey. (crosspost f/ 'male' training forum)
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Sorry to interject ladies, please excuse my butting in for a moment. Simply trying to make sure the message is broadcast to the most people possible.

If you kill me, please tell my mother I love her.

For those who don't know me, I'm a psychology student doing a doctoral dissertation on how to better increase the efficiency of the brain working with the mind. One of the areas I want to take this is an area I find intrguing to study, namely your neck of the athletic woods.

I wanted to offer an invite to any and every male and female athlete reading this post on a project I've been working on for over 3 years now.

Now, understand I'm out of my element with all the discussion over all manner of chemicals and supplementation and such. I practice Sambo (russian martial art), and have ben trained to use the art to develop the body.

However, I'm still a nerd. Being out of my element does not mean I have no knowledge of the function/interactions, however.

I've been studying the way the brain and body work together, how one stimulates the other, and when the body triggers it's cycles; what subconsious factors create what stimulation for all manner of development.

Over that time, I developed a theory that humans are capable of triggering, and increasing the efficiency of, these interactions, to the point of increasing all manner of recovery, growth, development and ability for both mental and physical processes.

I believe we are capable of conscious control over these functions, and only need to learn how to access them as needed, not just 'when they happen'.

I've developed protocols/programs for everything from anxiety management, to depression relief, to conscious adrenal stimulation, and so on and so on.

It costs no money, no travel, nothing to use except that large gray glob inside the head. If you can dream, you can do this. Don't let yourself think it's 'too deep'. Every human has REM cycles causing Theta Brain Wave sleep, so very few types of people are unable to do this with a little practice.

If you're interested, all it takes is a simple test protocol that I can best describe as an intensive sensory-visualization exercise to see how willing somone will be to 'get access' to that part of themselves.

This is NOT hypnosis, or a eastern philosophy-based meditative state. It's something that's very personal in that you develop the program FOR YOU and your desires.

No sport/athletic activity is left out. I don't care whether you gear up or not. Anyone can apply this stuff, but ONLY if you're willing to let it work. This isn't the magic bullet, it will depend directly on the amount of work you put into it, just like your body.

I've run trials for areas dealing with injury rehabilitation and recovery, as well as increasing efficiency for gymnasts, baseball/softball players, martial artists (I was my first guinea pig), and boxers. (I consider Boxing and Martial Arts *very* separate)

I've come here looking to see if it can help athletes in this circle of the game get somewhere I have a feeling most have never thought about getting to.

If anyone is interested in what I'm trying to do, has any questions, or thinks I'm a kook, let it be heard.

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