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  • David6725
    started a topic Staying on forever?

    Staying on forever?

    What would happen to a person if they stayed on say 500mg every 5 days forever. I know normal trt should be 125 mg or so every 5 days. But what would be the down sides of 4 times that amount.
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  • bnd343
    started a topic beginner tren cycle

    beginner tren cycle

    Hey, first off i'm going to start with my stats, I'm 19, 6'3 and i'm currently 86kgs at about 18 percent body fat.

    I'm looking to start my first Tren A cycle, i've done countless hours...
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  • MonekyMagic
    started a topic Thoughts on this bulking cycle ?

    Thoughts on this bulking cycle ?

    Been advised the following will be a good bulking cycle for myself , anyone see any problems with it ?

    10 weeks testosterone cypionate 500mg a week
    6 weeks 30-60mg D'bol a day
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  • Glotonada
    started a topic Please help

    Please help

    Alright so i have developed some gyno a small bump (about the size of a dime or less), i would like to get rid of it and have been doing some reasearch on forums. im currently on nolvadex 40mgs/d and...
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  • Glotonada
    started a topic Need Feedback

    Need Feedback

    Alright you guys i Am about to start a cycle on the ph m1t by powerhouse labs i have done this before but im switching my set up and i would like to know what you guys think or if u have any suggestions...
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