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High dosages test vs low dosages for better gains?

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  • High dosages test vs low dosages for better gains?

    I see alot of people using and abusing testosterone dosages and also abusing AIs to combate sides , high estrogen and water retention. But you know AI kill gains of cycles because you need estrogen to grow muscle . This looks like the person that uses high dosages trenbolone and need cabergoline , tamox, AI , gaba, melatonin, xanax to sleep to combate or reduce the sides of the trenbolone . Why not reduce dosage for the sweat spot you can handle ? Of course . I always prefer more drugs using less dosages than using higher dosages of one drug only.
    And testosterone is the same , try to find your sweat spot on test dosage that you dont aromatize to much and run it without any AI ( less drugs , less stress on liver, less money expend , more health ).

    What do you think give better gains ?

    500mg test without AI


    1500mg test week with 1 adex ED


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    I would say 500mg test with no AI. If I have to take more than one and a half Arimidex per week to keep my E2 under control then I back off the dosage of whatever I'm running. I've never heard this anywhere but I've always looked at Adex as a temporary aid to use mainly when beginning and ending a cycle, as my levels are quickly changing (be it going up or down). I base my cycles where I shouldn't need to constantly run an AI during the cycle, and if i do....I back off the dosage. Keep in mind I'm not prepping for a competition and if I were, this could change.