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Seth Feroce Done With Bodybuilding But Still Jacked

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  • Seth Feroce Done With Bodybuilding But Still Jacked

    He's taking his health more seriously and he's got a family now with a successful business so he's good to go. Smart guy. Got out before high level bodybuilding killed him..

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    Looks like he plans on staying in 8 to12 weeks out from a show shape. With all the different divisions these days he has choices if he ever decided to make a come back. The amount of drugs he would be willing to ingest would play a role as far as where he would make such a come back. The open division would require a more serious drug commitment I would imagine? The more time that goes by would make the Open Division more of a challenge to get back to, imo.
    In any event he looks great and I've been a fan for some time.