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Brad Rowe After Keto

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  • Brad Rowe After Keto

    Guy kinda reminds me of a prime Craig Titus.

    This is the result of almost 4 months of non traditional bodybuilding approach and still sitting at 240lbs!

    Since December I have been fasting 16-18hrs a day at least 5 days a week and following a ketogenic diet with refeeds every 10-14 days. This past week I started a 3 week experiment on Carnivore diet and not going to digestive system loves it!!

    My training hasn't been anything crazy especially since injuring my shoulder almost 6wks ago. I have a couple more to go before it's good to start pushing. Legs have mostly been explosive plyometric training.

    I would like to hit the stage this year as I have never taken a year off since I started and that's something I take pride in, but business is going well and that's my priority because I want provide security for my whole family.

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    Looking great keep doing whatever you're doing

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      Brad is a great guy. I think he had a better shot when working with Jansen, but he is looking good, especially after surgery!