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Nick Walker Easily Wins New York Pro

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  • Nick Walker Easily Wins New York Pro

    2021 New York Pro Mens Bodybuilding Results

    1. Nick Walker
    2. Justin Rodriguez
    3. Hassan Mostafa
    4. Dorian Haywood
    5. Mokhamed El Emam
    6. Blessing Awodibu
    7. An Nguyen
    8. Morgan Aste
    9. Roy Evans
    10. Camilo Diaz

    Nick is the one with Navy Blue Trunks.

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    Nick can do good in the Olympia if his conditioning and show prep is on point but I'm not sure. He looked great in the NY pro but Justin Rodriguez just came off the win the week before and I personally think if Hassan Mustafa would have been a bit more dried out and hard he would have been my pick over Justin and Nick. It will be fun to see how things progress moving forward. Great win for Nick though, hats off for sure!