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When and Which competitions are you doing this year?

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  • When and Which competitions are you doing this year?

    I may be doing a show this July 9th (Louisiana Bodybuilding Championships). If I do it, I'm not doing the last week of contest prep, just cutting water as I only want to do this competition to work on my posing and get a feel back for stage prescence. I won't make up my mind until thursday because I'm not about to step on stage if I don't look like I belong there.

    I want to do my best at a show on July 23rd (National Collegiates).

    So what shows are you guys doing this year?

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    currently getting ready for a oct 1 show [brooklyn ] if not ready i will do one the 29th of oct in jersey


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      i'm in the middle of my contest prep for Nationals here... on august 20th.

      After Nationals i'm hoping for regionals in October


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        Not stepping on stage until May of next year. Trying to pack the food in right now.