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  • training

    training is getting alot harder now -- my gas tank runs out pretty quick -- my diet has changed alot so my tank just doesnt have the push -- i still train hard as shit but it takes alot more out of me --

    i am tired -- still cranking the am cardio -- pushed that up to 4 am instead of 330 and tan aswell-

    i am sitting at around 233 lbs right now -- down from 286lbs -- still cant get over that -

    i will have a pic up in about 2 weeks-

    i am already planning my workouts for the offseason -- my weak points --abs,calves,and hamstrings will be a big focus over the winter months -- they suck to put it bluntly-

    so thats my update -- will post up again shortly

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    Awesome work-can't wait to see the pics. I hate that empty gas tank during dieting but there's not much to do about it--just gotta suck it up for an hour a day.


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      Last pic I saw of you was your wheels and they were sick, at least the quads. I have been gone for a while, but I am assuming you are dieting for a comp. Good luck bro, I'm sure you will do great!