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Nathan DeAsha Cancels His 2019 Mr O Appearance

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  • Nathan DeAsha Cancels His 2019 Mr O Appearance

    Nathan De Asha had to pull out of the 2019 Mr. Olympia due to a court sentence that is waiting for him in the UK.

    This is another blow to the Olympia organizing committee with a number of the major competitors pulling out.

    De Asha did travel to the 2019 Olympia Weekend knowing that he had a court sentence waiting for him when he gets back, but apparently he would not have made it in time after the Olympia Weekend has ended.

    In his letter published on social media, Nathan said he took this decision so things don’t get worse for him and his family.

    Nathan is insisting that he is innocent and he did not supply steroids to anybody.

    This is Nathan’s letter in full:

    Hi guys…
    So unfortunately I’ve just received some bad news that’s going to affect my ability to take part in this years Mr Olympia competition.
    If you’re not aware my name was used in an investigation earlier this year concerning PED’s. I’d like to make it very clear that I did not supply any performance enhancing drugs at all.
    Little did I know the gym was involved in the sale of not only PED’s but also Class A drugs. The police had been watching this chap and his wife for very long time. Since then these two people have been convicted and charged.
    The lady in question got a suspended sentence and my charge is far less than hers, so no imprisonments will happen.
    I’ve literally just received a letter informing me that my sentence date is the Monday 10a after the Olympia. It’s impossible for me to compete and be back in time for this.
    Speaking to my legal team, we have decided that it’s best to represent myself at the hearing with all evidences and paperwork. Missing this appointment could add to my sentencing and that’s not in its best interest of myself or my family.
    Life teaches you some hard lessons and call me naive but I’ve had conversations with gym owners worldwide about PEDs and wouldn’t have seen this coming. It’s unfortunate and it’s a tough pill to swallow especially knowing that I’m looking my best ever and yet to display it.
    That said, there is no hurdle that I can’t jump over. It’s obstacles like this that really test us mentally and physically. I’m a fighter and a winner. So I know in 2020 I’m gonna be better than ever. My outlook on life has most definitely changed and that my mindset is stronger than ever.
    I’d like to take a moment to thank my sponsors, my partner, my family and all my friends for their continued support and I can promise them that a scenario like this will never repeat.
    I’d like to also apologise to the IFBB Pro League and to AMI for not being able to compete this year and can also promise them that moving forwards I will continue to represent bodybuilding in a positive light, having learned from mistakes made.
    Best of luck to all who are competing this weekend in al divisions and I’ll see you all on the circuit in 2020. – Nathan De Asha

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    He knows Luke would best him