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Fella Who Refuses To Wear Mask at Gym Attacks 2

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  • Fella Who Refuses To Wear Mask at Gym Attacks 2

    Dude is 20 going on 49 lmao.


    JOLIET, IL — A 20-year-old Rockford man who visited the Joliet Planet Fitness on Tuesday morning is now in the Will County Jail after police say he attacked two employees who told him he needed to wear a face mask during his workout. Joliet police responded to the disturbance call in the 2800 block of Plainfield Road and arrested Guy Irampaye on charges of aggravated battery, aggravated resisting a peace officer, criminal property damage and resisting a peace officer.

    The incident that led to Irampaye's arrest occurred around 7 a.m. At Planet Fitness, "officers determined that Irampaye was causing a disturbance within the gym after refusing to wear a mask as requested by employees," Joliet police said.

    Attempts to get Irampaye to leave the property were unsuccessful and "Irampaye swung at a male employee and knocked the phone out of his hand as he attempted to dial 911. Irampaye then shoved a second male employee in the chest at which time Irampaye ran through the gym and damaged a rear door by forcing it open," police reports show.

    Joliet police, with the help from a Rockdale officer in the area, found the Rockford man but he refused to let the officers arrest him, police said. Irampaye tried to run away from the officers but they captured him and put him into custody.

    He is now lodged inside the Will County Jail awaiting his bail hearing.

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    Racist attack