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Bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant Has Relapsed Into Drug Use

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  • Bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant Has Relapsed Into Drug Use

    Canadian IFBB Pro bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant recently opened up about his long-drawn battle with drug addiction. Vaillant last competed at the 2020 Mr. Olympia and finished 14th in the open division. However, things went south quickly after Olympia as the 34-year-old relapsed into drug use. During a recent interview with Muscle And Fitness, Antoine Vaillant spoke candidly about his past struggles and also laid out his career plans for the new year.

    Like every addict, Antoine Vaillant’s addiction started with occasional use and soon became an inseparable part of his life. The 34-year-old revealed that his routine underwent a significant change after earning the IFBB pro card which further fuelled his dependence on drugs.

    “I was doing drugs for fun when I was younger. That gave me some type of instant reward, of course, in the brain. Before that, life was kind of dull for me. Then when I found that, what I was lacking, kind of went away. So that kind of filled a void.”

    “After my pro card I felt entitled to party because I worked hard. No schedule, no structure, no girlfriend back then. I was like I can do this whenever I want and it was like almost every day.”

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    What was his drug of choice?