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81% Of COVID Deaths Are In Nursing Homes

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  • 81% Of COVID Deaths Are In Nursing Homes

    A new report citing Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam, confirms that among Canada’s coronavirus fatalities, 81 percent were in nursing homes – affecting the elderly with long-term chronic health conditions.

    This rate is nearly double the rate of that in the US as a whole, but is comparable to data from some individual states including two ‘hot spots’ in the US, Washington state and New York State.

    A Yale professor recently described the US nursing home death rate as ‘staggering’, showing how more than half of all deaths in 14 US states from elderly care facilities. Similarly, countries like Scotland saw half of all deaths from care homes.

    The report describes one Toronto facility, 100 people including 40 staff members are currently battling the coronavirus, and another 57 residents are said to have already have died of it, said the Washington Post.

    According to those familiar with the case, cramped buildings and employees doing part-time shifts and traveling between several care facilities in order to make a living were two chief factors thought to have contributed to heavy outbreaks in assisted living facilities.

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    " traveling between several care facilities"

    that's insane. the fact that they allowed this is happen is nuts to me. i cannot think of a better way to spread the virus than that.


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      Nursing homes and prisons. Two places with captive populations with often serious underlying health issues and, to a large extent, neglected by society.

      Rikers Island also seems to be a disaster. But since the inmates are the refuse or society, nobody cares.


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        If petty criminals and nonviolent I would release them to a safer place still under supervision.

        Murders, rapists, and people of that sort... Immediate incineration. Less scum to spread the virus and ease the prison population. Win win..

        Scrum I know you'd probably welcome them all into your home... :D


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          Eh.. people agreed to give up their liberty for a while to pay their debt to society. Dying from neglect wasn't part of the contract.


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            Originally posted by Scrumhalf View Post
            Eh.. people agreed to give up their liberty for a while to pay their debt to society. Dying from neglect wasn't part of the contract.
            no debt can ever be repaid to a victim and their family of crimes like rape/murder. I've never understood your viewpoint on this and I never will. i'm all for reform/rehabilitation/reeducation of nonviolent criminals. but criminals who take a life should be treated in kind. what debt can ever be repaid to the mother of a murdered and kidnapped little boy? what debt can ever be repaid to the parents of a raped little girl?

            i agree with 90% of everything you say scrum. if i don't agree I can usually respect and understand where you're coming from. but when it comes to this viewpoint of yours... well it makes me want to kick you right in the ass!


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              We are talking about two different things.

              Here is my point. These people have already been convicted of something. They have been given a sentence. They are in prison serving it out. While they are in there, the state is obliged to take care of their basic needs and give them medical assistance if necessary. You cannot just not provide them help when there is a covid-19 breakout inside the prison. You can't just say they are shitty people, who cares if they die. Then why bother feeding them? Just lock them up and let them starve to death.

              Your point is that they are treated too leniently when they commit horrific crimes. That's a separate discussion. You are for capital punishment. I am not. And we can debate that. But that has nothing to do with what is happening today in the prisons with covid-19.