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Ron Coleman Getting Stem Cell Treatment

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  • Ron Coleman Getting Stem Cell Treatment

    Ronnie Coleman announces he is going to have a stem cell treatment in his back, to help his legs. Apparently, unlike Lee Priest, he can afford it.

    He says that he’s been training at Metroflex gym for the past two weeks but he’s splitting his time between home and gym and will do all of his training at the gym once things return to more normalcy.

    He goes on to say: “Because of my disability, I can only do like 20 minutes now.” He says he has a herniated disk in his upper back, his lower back is bone on bone, his right leg is completely numb, and his left leg is partially numb.

    The stem cell therapy in his back is to hopefully improve his strength and function because his back is causing the weakness in his legs.

    He also says: “I got 14 screws, I got 2 cages and 2 rods. Circulation is kind of hard when you got all that hardware in your back.”

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    Maybe he should stay away from the gym and go on a walk around the neighborhood instead.


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      Having had one back injury that affected nerve function, I wish him the best and understand some of his pain. Stem cell has great reviews


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        My god! Ronnie is my fucking hero but man he is a walking hardware store. With all the surgeries all the pain and problems you gotta know when to just give it up. I know working out is what makes him happy but god he’s destroying himself.