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A Must Try If You're a Costco Member

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  • A Must Try If You're a Costco Member

    I've had plenty of fucken stuffed peppers in my life believe me. I grew up on the shit. These Costco ones are on a different planet. Try it 1 time and tell me I'm bullshitting. Best fucken thing you ever ate. They put something in the beef. Some flavor I can't put my finger on. God damn amazing.

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    Putting in oven now. Fuck yea.


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      My mom made them a lot when I was growing up & everyone in the neighborhood loved them. I barely ate them because anything that has green peppers I just can’t eat. It’s the only thing i taste, I’ve eaten at peoples houses when they made meatloaf & asked does it have green peppers in it & get oh no. As soon as I taste it I’m like yes it!

      They do look good..I have to say.