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  • Dave Palumbo's Mass Diet

    These numbers are per pound bodyweight:
    1.5g protien, 1-1.5g carbs, and .75g fat

    MEAL 1:
    5 whole eggs (buy the OMEGA-3 EGGS they sell in the supermarket) with 1 cup of Cream of Rice or Oatmeal

    MEAL 2: (pre-workout)
    50g Whey Protein (try out my new whey protein isolate, ISOLYZE—it’s 27g protein per 30g scoop. That’s the highest yield possible). With a liquid carbohydrate drink (such as WAXY MAIZE) try to get at least 50g carbs


    MEAL 3: (post-workout)
    50g Whey Protein with a liquid carbohydrate drink--try to get at least 50g carbs

    MEAL 4:
    “LEAN PROTEIN MEAL” ˝ pound (8oz) of chicken (or turkey or lean fish or shrimp) with ˝ cup cashew nuts (or almonds or walnuts) with 1 cup RICE (brown or white)

    MEAL 5:
    “FATTY PROTEIN MEAL” ˝ pound (8oz) of red meat (or salmon or swordfish) with a salad with 2 tablespoon of olive oil (or macadamia nut oil) and vinegar with 1 baked potato and/or yam

    MEAL 6: Same as MEAL 3

    MEAL 7: 5 whole eggs with ˝ cup grits or Oatmeal

    MEAL 8: 50g whey with 1 ˝ tablespoons all natural Peanutbutter