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Words of Wisdom on achieving your goals.

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  • Words of Wisdom on achieving your goals.

    Words Of Wisdom
    Things I've Learned

    By John M Berardi

    Here are a few pearls of wisdom:

    What kind of person needs a mission statement for training? It only makes sense to be big and strong, to regularly challenge the body. I train because I can.

    To succeed in weight lifting, do shorter workouts than the magazines want you to, train heavier than your muscles want you to, do more reps than your mind wants you to, and eat more food than your stomach wants you to.

    Always remain flexible and try new things in they gym. Over the course of your training lifetime, your goals will surely change and when they change you can change with them.

    Consistency, not novelty is the secret to uncommon results. Only those too impatient to follow simple, rational, and balanced eating and training programs will choose fringe eating and training methods. And these are the people who won't be in the gym 12 months from now.

    The body will always deliver a just desert for both good and bad decisions. Sacrificing intelligent and balanced eating for more speedy results may work in the short run, but in the long run, the body will have its final say.

    The only way to truly understand your physique is by years of trial and error. Appreciate the journey. There is absolutely no short cut to mastery.

    This game is not only about looking good naked and straining under a big plate-loaded bar. It's about experimentation, longevity, piece of mind, confidence, and enjoyment.

    Getting big is a battle and my weapon is a fork. When in doubt I must stop talking about eating to get big. I need to pick up the fork and get to work.

    Anything that prevents me from getting to the gym is an excuse. Of course there are some reasonable excuses and some downright pathetic excuses. But at the end of the day, if I didn't get to the gym, I must thank my excuses.

    I've been training for about 10 years…I hope to train for 50 more…I love to train. There are so many programs that work. I don't plan on letting tedious un-enjoyable programs ruin this for me.

    New trainees need an environment rich in supportive and like-minded people. Without them, the psychological and physiological weight of their training will break their resolve. But, once aligned with brothers and sisters in iron, there's nothing they can't accomplish.

    Experienced trainees must learn that only the most critical and challenging individuals will push them beyond their barriers. Surrounding yourself with groupies and undiscriminating ego strokers will only lead to stagnation.