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Clarity Labs List 2023

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  • Clarity Labs List 2023

    Clarity list

    US domestic with lighting fast shipping

    [email protected]


    [email protected]

    Payment options - western union, Walmart to Walmart, cash app (for return customers) ,cash in mail or bitcoins $200 min order

    Most Orders ship within 24 hours of payment arrival. VERY FAST T/A!! Orders are shipped priority with tracking. Shipping charge is $15.

    All oils made with MCT oil as carrier oil, no eo or guaiacol.

    Test p 100mg. $30

    Test e 250mg. $40

    Test c 250mg. $40

    Test e & c blend 400mg. $55

    Sustanon 250mg. $45

    Tren a 100mg. $45

    Tren E 200mg. $65

    NPP 100mg $35

    Deca 250mg. $45

    EQ 250mg. $45

    Mast p 100mg $45

    Mast e 200mg. $65

    Oral pressed tablets

    Dbol 25mg x 100. $85

    Anadrol 25mg x 100. $85

    Winstrol 25mg x 100. $85

    Turinabol 25mg x 100. $90

    Anavar 25mg x 100. $110.

    Proviron 25mg x 100. $95

    Letro 2.5mg x 50 $45

    Arimidex 1mg x 50 $45

    Armosin 25mg x 50 $55

    Cialis 30mg x 50 $45

    Viagra 25mg x 50 $45

    Nolvadex 20mg x 50 $45

    Clomid 40mg x 50 $45

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    How do you order


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      Originally posted by Shrimp274 View Post
      How do you order
      you can read correct? all instructions are in his post.


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        Yes I can I sent an email with my order and haven’t heard anything so I was just checking!


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          Originally posted by Shrimp274 View Post
          Yes I can I sent an email with my order and haven’t heard anything so I was just checking!
          ahh okay. i'd say give it a few days. i will send him a message.


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            Awesome thanks man!!


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              I’ve been with clarity for 2 years now never had any issues at all packages come in time 3-5 day after funds are received all product are too notch I’m running ther sustanon, tren a, mast p, winny, clen, arimidex with phenomenal redults


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                Originally posted by sure-shot
                Suspect as fuck!!
                I have used Clarity for many years and they have never fucked me over, nor anyone else that I know. Not only that but they have always had the fastest shipping as well. Not even sure what you're saying is suspect here.

                In fact, the reason I'm even on right now is because I was looking thru the list to make another order.


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                  I was referring to shrimp274. regarding that was his 1st post out the gate. Ive been a fan and customer with Clarity for many years, just to clarify you quoting my post. Copy!!


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                    I didnt mean Clarity was suspect fellas. I meant shrimp274. My bad for those that misunderstood. Clarity is good money all the time!!!!


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                      Ah ok gotcha. Sorry if I came off rude, I just love Clarity lol


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                        Another order submitted!!


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                          Just put order how long does it take you guys in average to get orders


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                            I was told they tied up at the moment


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                              Got my tracking only a few days man they r fast