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Training tip: Is locking your knees harmful?

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  • Training tip: Is locking your knees harmful?

    It has always been said that locking the knees in any type of squat or press exercise is harmful ... but is this statement true?


    ❕The knees are prepared to lock effectively, the muscle that surrounds them is enough to protect them .

    ❕With the knee lock you can increase your maximum load in the exercises .

    ❕If you feel discomfort when locking your knees, it is an indication that even without locking them the weight you are using is harmful ☠️.


    ❕The knee must be vertically aligned with the hip-ankle line for an efficient lockdown .

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    I've always heard never to lock out on leg press, squat, etc. But personally I do it all the time and have never felt any sort of pain or even worry that the weight is going to snap my knee the opposite way or anything like that. I always tend to listen to my body and pay attention to what feels good or hurts with it, and I've not been led wrong yet so...on the contrary, I've heard many things that you should do that don't feel right with me and I stay away from these things in the same manner.

    I think, when in doubt, trust your body and be in time to what it is telling you. It is always communicating if we will pay attention and listen.