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Qtropin (HGH) Quality. Affordability. Safety.

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  • Qtropin (HGH) Quality. Affordability. Safety.

    Hey everybody,

    RS here. (

    I'm a big fan of HGH myself, been using it since...2013...tried many big pharma HGH brands, which never disappointed me in terms of quality, but we all know that big pharma HGH is pricey, especially when you use 5 IU's/day +. As a vendor I wanted to offer my clients HGH, which could deliver Big Pharma HGH results and be affordable, went through tons of different Asian manufacturers and it took us a few years before we found a small, but really good European lab, who we've been exclusively working with for over 4 years now.
    What you get with Qtropin?
    1) Quality. Our HGH will deliver the results you expect from HGH. If you run any Big Pharma HGH, give Qtropin a try.
    2) Consistency. Qtropin has a trackable record of being on the market for 4 years now, lots of feedback.
    3) Affordability.
    $150 for 110 IU's or $140 if you order 2 vials + 1 vial is basically 1 kit.
    4) Convenience. Each vial contains 110 IU's of HGH at 20 IU's/ml concentration, 5.5 ml total. It's Liquid and you don't need to add bac water to it. YES, it's liquid HGH, with 2(TWO) years shelf-life if stored in the fridge.
    5) Safety. We value your safety and will ensure the transaction is as secure as it can be.
    6) Delivery time...3-5 biz days.

    The Qtropin thread on our forum :

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    i agree best stuff on the market


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            Received an email this morning. That's exactly what we do : delivering quality products people can afford.

            Thank you for exemplary service backed with a quality product. I'm 46 and I
            have been training seriously for 30 years. I was a competitive bodybuilder
            and was a powerlifter on the All Marine Corps Powerlifting Team during my

            I've done many different kinds of GH over the past 20 years including human
            grade GH with a name on the label of a publically traded company which in
            turn they leverage to justify the exorbitant price.

            IMO and experience your GH is just as good and is also the best I have ever
            seen on the black market. Thank you.


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                        Some more feedback =)

                        "That’s awesome about Qtropin and Insubolic. I love this stuff. It works like pharmaceutical for half the cost. I was introduced to hgh with the legit Serostim pharma brand 6mg.. So 120 iu that came in 7 vials with 7 vials of bacteriostatic water as well. I was on that stuff for / years then my career took a nose dive and I couldn’t afford it. I can totally tell the difference between pharma and China grade that comes in 5 different colors of tops lol. The results are not the same. With qtropin I can actually see and feel the same benefits I got with pharmaceutical grade hgh. So this is a game changer for me. Especially as I get older quality becomes more important. My body knows when I’m using mediocre grade supplements vs top shelf. "

                        Gents if you tried Qtropin or Insubolic, please, post your feedback somewhere : eroids, our forum or PM, email us.


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                          Another day another feedback =)

                          "This will actually be my 3rd order of Qtropin over the years! I ordered from you guys WAY back before you guys were selling insubolic and promoting your products more and I've never been able to find anything that out performed your HGH (and trust me I've tried it all). The only HGH products that I will still be buying from here on out is pharmaceutical grade HGH (but that will only be if I have more money than brains and don't like seeing an extra zero in my savings account haha). I am aspiring to build a physique that is classic looking but big enough to stand next to open bodybuilders in local and national level shows and not be dwarfed so hopefully adding some IGF-1 to my protocol will be something new that will hopefully bring my physique to that next level of size."



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                            Gentlemen, When it comes to quality assessment of rHGH and RH IGF-1, it's not enough just to do the HPLC. Even 99% pure HGH by HPLC can be useless or do more harm than good, unless it's "folded" correctly with low/no LPS. Some things simply can't be tested with HPLC (such as bioactivity test) More info here: to Produce the World’s Best Human Growth Hormone.pdf


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                              I'm running Qtropin right now. I've only been on for a week and a half but so far so good. I am running 6 iu's per day split in two injections, one first thing in the AM and the second post workout. I am only running it on workout days, so two days off per week. I am going to give it a couple months and get my labs done. I look forward to seeing what my #'s are. Oh and one VERY convenient feature is not having to mix powder and Bac water. Pull it out the fridge, and it's ready to go....very nice touch.