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  • Interesting HGH facts

    HGH facts

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    HGH facts about body

    1) Healthy organism of 20 yr man secrets about 2 IU of growth hormone a day.
    2) Peak of HGH reduces by 1 ng/ml for each 1 cm increase in waist above normal.
    3) Half life of growth hormone in plasma is 20-30 minutes. After 3-4 hours after injection, level of GH returns to normal, however, IGF-1 continue to work for about 12-15 hours.
    4) Electrical stimulation of muscles increases growth hormone level up to 10-15 ng/ml.
    5) Growth hormone injection leaded to 40 % decrease in glucose uptake by muscles and later 50 % decrease in glucose oxidation, because organism uses fat as a fuel.
    6) Bioavailability of HGH is 75 % injected subcutaneously (under skin) and 63 % injected intramuscularly.
    7) Pituitary syntheses 1-2 mg of growth hormone a day.
    8) During High intensity and volume training including 40 sets with 10 repetitions growth hormone level rises in 5 times, due to the Kraemer experiment.

    History HGH facts

    1) Biochemical structure of HGH was discovered in 1972 and lead to further creation of rHGH.
    2) Bovine recombinant growth hormone was synthesized in the 70s to increase milk yield.
    3) Since the first days of HGH manufacturing it has been used in sports.
    4) In 1996 FDA approved HGH using in growth hormone deficient adults.

    Facts about HGH technologies

    1) Facilities for rHGH cost at least 7-8 million of dollars.
    2) Today there are about 15 factories that produce quality growth hormone.
    3) rHGH should be stored at 2-8 (oc), however liphilizate powder can be stored at room temperature for 1 month
    4) In 1999-2004 Genentech was manufacturing long version of HGH – Nutropin Depot that required only 1 injection a week
    5) In 2014 GenSci launched first PEG-rHGH “Jintrolong» – long form of growth hormone with once a week administration

    Ways in which growth hormone influences our bodies

    1) Using HGH without diet and training shows 10-14 % loss in fat within several months.
    2) Growth hormone increased muscle mass by 9% without exercises.
    3) HGH accelerates Rest metabolic rate (RMI) by 20 %, which influences fat burning
    4) rHGH increases muscle and tendon collagen synthesis by 3 times
    5) 3 of 100 children have growth retardation, however, only 10 percent of them have growth hormone deficiency.
    6) Average height of adults with untreated hipopituitary disease is 120 cm (women) and 130 cm (men).
    7) In the first 2 years of GH treatment children grow in average for 15 cm. 10 in the first year and 5 – in the second.
    8) Growth hormone has many isoforms with different molecule weight. The most common is 22 kDa form (22,000 Daltones)
    9) 1 person of 50,000 adults has hypopituitarism
    10) 6 of 100,000 of the population have acromegaly (disease of extremely high level of GH)
    11) The highest person in the world was American – Robert Wadlow. His height was 2,72 cm.
    12) The highest nation in the world is Dutch. Average height of men is 183 cm and 172 for women.
    13) Reason of different average height among nations – level of GH. Its level is 30 % lower in China than in European countries.
    14) Level of GH depends on the temperature. Sauna increases HGH level three times! Similar effect has very low temperature (-20), which also stimulate GH secretion.
    15) Growth hormone influence body in two ways – directly and via somatiomedins (IGF)
    16) First recombinant HGH (Protropin) was synthesysed in 1985 by Genentech company
    17) Before recombinant technology, growth hormone had been extracted from cadavers’ pituitaries. But this somatropin was able to induce Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, which leads to death.
    18) Each human pituitary contain 6 mg of somatropin.
    19) Recombinant growth hormone is produced by genetically modified bacteria E.coli
    20) Growth hormone secrets 8-12 times during the day.
    21) The highest level of growth hormone is observed 4 months before birth.
    22) HGH level decreases with age. This process accelerates after 30 years.
    23) HGH can be increased by the medicines – Chlorpromazine, Imipramine, Phenobarbital, Chlordiazepoxide, Isocarboxazid, Baklofen.
    23) Growth hormone consists of 191 amino acids in the form of chain. The most common amino acids are Leucin, Arginin, Glutamin and Ornitin.
    24) Although growth hormone and insulin have opposite glucose metabolic effects, they are synergists in building muscles and enhance the effects of each other on muscle tissue.
    25) High-quality rHGHs are produced using lyophilization (freeze-drying) technology. Thus, growth hormone can be stored and used for long period of time (2-3 years).
    26) 1 mg of HGH contain 3 international units (IU)
    27) Growth plates are opened until about 21-25 years. Until they close, person can grow up.
    28) Growth hormone is also used to treat burns and to accelerate healing of broken bones.
    29) HGH is commonly used in Olimpic sports, especially in Athletics and others that require strength and speed.
    30) Noradrenalin stimulates the secretion of HGH.
    31) High level of endorphins influence on somatoliberin, which induce HGH secretion.
    32) rHGH manufactured in China, occupies about 70 % of the whole growth hormone market.
    33) In February, 2007 Sylvester Stallone was detained on Sydney customary with 48 vials of Jintropin in the luggage. Stallone said that he uses Jintropin to heal bones and joints. This case increased demand on Jintropin for 20 % for 2 months/
    34) Gensci, manufacturer of Jintropin, was established in 1996 by doctor Lei Jin and Chinese government. Chinese state own 50 percent of the company and guarantee the quality of Jintropin.
    35) HGH is very hard to detect on doping control, because growth hormone is natural hormone, secreted by pituitary. WADA writes that HGH can be detected within 36 hours after injection.
    36) The most common laboratory test of HGH is chromatography. It records concentration of HGH in powder and its purity using different methods as radial flow and densitometric analysis.
    37) Jogging for 1 hour increase HGH 10 times (from 5-10 ng/ml to 50/100)!

    Interesting HGH facts

    1) Some amino acids can induce growth hormone secretion. These amino acids are Arginin, Leucin and Ornitin.
    2) Growth hormone is used to prevent loss of muscle mass caused by HIV and to Improve immune function helping thymus to create CD4 immune cells.
    3) Recombinant HGH has 2 forms – somatropin (191 aa) and somatrem (192 aa). Although, somatrem is efficient, it induced antibodies formation. These antibodies with the time decreases effect of somatrem.
    4) Women have 30% higher level of HGH than men.
    5) During pregnancy woman’s pituitary grows from 0,7 g to 1 g and secrets more somatropin. Sensitivity of liver receptors that are responsible for IGF-1 rises in 3-6 times.
    6) Growth hormone is popular among famous people. Madonna, Stallone, Oliver Stone, 50 Cent, boxer Evander Holyfield. They use growth hormone to improve body condition and stop aging.
    7) Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease observed in 28 among 8000 threated by HGH, extracted from cadavers pituitaries.
    8) Another way to obtain rhgh is to insert human growth hormone gene to mouse cell instead of bacteria E.coli. This HGH is easier to purify.


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