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Converting Rev to Tren

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  • Converting Rev to Tren

    So I finally got my Revalor 200.. Now only to play chemist.
    I know there are some quality guides as to separating the estro from the tren ace, however, I'm still unaware of exactly how much "tren" will yield from a set of 10 doses.

    Box of 10 doses.
    200mg tren ace and 20mg estrodial per dose.

    From the research I've done it seems that, "how well you do the process" determines how much tren you receive. Is that correct? I have this feeling I'll need more than the 2 boxes that I bought; for a good cycle.

    I bought the rev200 before it vanishes like the fina did. Needless to say I'm sill looking up as to where a good kit is to convert it.

    I'm not going to say where I bought my gear so don't ask.

    Thanks in advance

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    Where did you buy that.


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      Use the search function jackass


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        They quite making Finaplix and now have this with the estradiol.
        I think it would be easier just to purchase a quality brand already done.
        However if you insist look for the directions to convert Synovex. I think the estradiol removal procedure should be similar.


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