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  • Colloidal Silver

    Just checking to see how popular colloidal silver is here on the forum.

    I just really started getting into this stuff about three months ago so now I make my own.

    I've had two separate great healing experiences using this stuff so I'm hooked.

    The only negative thing I've read about it is at high doses & high ppm it could change your skin color to blue like the guy on Oprah but low doses & low ppm can be a life saving antibiotic.

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    never heard of it. what do you need it for?


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      Originally posted by Bouncer View Post
      never heard of it. what do you need it for?
      Its a powerful antibiotic from pure silver, distilled water and 30 volts which can be made in your home.

      There's all kind of hype about in on the net so I had to try for myself and in five days it completely cleared up my sinus infection in which antibiotic's did not.

      This is the kind of medicine the government/doctors don't want people knowing about or taking.

      I'm just impressed with this stuff and wanted to see if anyone on the forum has used it.


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        You sure you aren't poisoning yourself in the process? Lol. I'd have to research it.

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          Yes I have and still do, my wife and sister in law use it also. Very good for your immune system , blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.


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            I have noted the good effect on dermal fungal infections and small wounds, like biting the lips. Spraying nostrils before going to sleep help with non-viral nasal congestion. No effect on colds and flu, however.

            Potentially interesting as a preservative for making short-lived meals (like salads) feasible for mealpreps.

            In short, it is neither the magical cure-all holy water some enthusiasts claim it is, nor the useless and harmful waste of money the opponents claim.


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              Ever see the guy who took tons of it and literally turned a blueish tint? Even his hair turned blue...

              I looked into colloidal silver years ago and from what I've read it does seem to have definite benefits.


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                So true


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                  Something I haven't personally tried but It does have my interest...