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    I have started a ketogenic diet but I do not know how often I should refeed? Some sources say its not necessary, other sources say have a day committed to high carbohydrates, others say have one meal with high carbohydrates will suffice. Does anyone have opinions on the matter?


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      Your ketogenic diet should have instructions on refeeds. Otherwise it's not a very good ketogenic diet.

      If you want a good one, get Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss. Best CKD-type that I know of. You will suffer but you will drop fat like crazy.


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        Thanks, I just downloaded it. I was going off of information I read on various forums and blogs but this seems more concrete of information.


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          Scrumhalf, did you mean, The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner? The Rapid Fat Loss book is about a high caloric deficit diet. I still think I will read it though, it seems pretty interesting.


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            Everyone has some general ideas on CKD. But most of them don't really take a scientific approach to it.

            The basic idea is to deplete muscle glycogen by lowering your carb intake, which forces the body to burn fat. This takes 2 or 3 days to happen. Then you spend 2 or 3 days in thus fat burning mode at which point the body's metabolism figures out something is wrong and the process loses efficiency.

            That's when the refeeds come in. By eating carbs, you force the body to replenish glycogen preferentially without having it convert the carbs to fat. This sets you up for the next cycle.

            There's obviously a science to this insofar as timing, amount of carbs, etc are concerned, which is why you want to do a good well-researched routine instead of just someone cobbling together something and calling it a CKD.


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              You need to run a deficit to lose fat. Something like RFL combines a caloric deficit with low carbs to make the body use fat as fuel. You increase your protein intake yo make sure you don't lose muscle mass.