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The Day Female Bodybuilding Died

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  • The Day Female Bodybuilding Died

    When this took over as the face of bodybuilding...

    (Iris Kyle)

    Female muscle is not a problem. People aren't repulsed by female muscle. But when all perspective is lost and when we lose site of all femininity in the pursuit of muscle at all costs we lose the sport entirely.

    There was once a time when this was the face of female bodybuilding. When femininity and beauty mattered. Call it sexist all you want but the truth is hard to ignore...

    (Lenda Murray)

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      Exhibit B:

      What Female Bodybuilding was in the 1980's vs what it turned into by the early 2000's...

      Cory Everson:


      Kim Chizevsky:

      Is there any wonder the sport died? I rest my case...


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        Looks like Kim just fixed her age here. Nice thread, Boss.


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          Yeah Cory and lenda were my faves


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            Originally posted by Derek Wilson View Post
            Looks like Kim just fixed her age here. Nice thread, Boss.


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              Originally posted by Mr I View Post
              Yeah Cory and lenda were my faves
              they both still look amazing in their 50's now I think.


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                Bouncer, I’ve been saying that since they dropped female bodybuilding. The judges going with Iris, crazy & even though they are bringing it back the lady’s are heavily muscled. If you look at female physique they are moving in that direction too.

                Tina Chandler became a friend of mine when I lived & trained in Houston. She worked out at the Houston gym & was a cool lady. She still had a more feminine look then a lot of the lady’s hence her 10th, 8th, 6th in the Ms. Olympia

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                  Originally posted by LIV
                  They all have mini dicks. Is Kyle iris I mean iris Kyle Bouncer stage name?
                  Speaking of mini dicks. Have you ever looked at pics or seen a lady with an enlarged clit from steroids or whatever else they do to em to get it big. It’s literally a tiny cock