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  • beginner tren cycle

    Hey, first off i'm going to start with my stats, I'm 19, 6'3 and i'm currently 86kgs at about 18 percent body fat.

    I'm looking to start my first Tren A cycle, i've done countless hours of research and i've decided to come here for advice. I've seen a lot of negativity about running tren a without anything else, could someone explain this to me further? I'm also concerned about dosage, i've heard of people taking upwards of 100mg a day and as little as 37.5 mg a day, how do i know whats best for me?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Is this your first steroid cycle or just first time running tren?

    The problem with tren is that it can be really harsh in terms of side effects for half the people that use it. Gyno, anger/anxiety/depression, floppy dick issues after awhile etc..

    All those sides are potentially made worse by not running it with testosterone. Steroids shut down natural test levels. If you run steroids without replacing testosterone you end up with a lot of problems. Especially if this is your first cycle and you don't yet understand how your body reacts to certain drugs.

    Trust me brother, you will regret a tren only cycle for more ways than 1.


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      First cycle whatsoever, i'm looking to build lean muscle and all the research pointed to tren a, I heard the side effects were harsh, from what I read it just seems to harsh to run alone.


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        Nah bro, trust someone that's been there. Tren is not what you want for a first cycle. And no, it's not because it's some amazing drug that only the big guys use. it's because the side effects can be complex and leave you with issues that you don't know how to get rid of. whats the point of putting on muscle if you grow tits and your dick wont work for example. :D

        IF you run tren, run is low dose as possible WITH testosterone. running a tren only cycle for a first cycle is something that you will look back on an laugh at yourself. I guarantee it.

        perfect first cycle, test E @ 300mgs E5D for 12 weeks. maybe some dbol to kick off the cycle for the first 4 weeks @25mgs ED.


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          Thanks heaps man, test e it is. Reckon I could grab bit more help through PM if you're not too busy.



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            Bouncer gave you solid advice. Please make sure to do research on post cycle therapy. There are some really good articles on this forum if you use the search function. If you have any questions ask away. We all are happy to help and guide you on your journey.


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              Agreed. And deff get the dbol if you can. I think you'll like it. Makes you feel really good. Also make sure you have an AI on hand in case you start to show gyno symptoms.


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                yup, def need AI. adex is my pref.

                problem is, he's in NZ so i'm not sure he's gonna be able to get gear or AI. Australia and New Zealand are notorious for grabbing all AAS in customs.