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  • jcricket
    started a topic First ever AAS cycle help.

    First ever AAS cycle help.

    Hello everyone,
    Im going to be starting my first ever cycle soon and i would just like some advice on making sure i have everything right. I have came up with this cycle based of what local...
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  • NobunagaSensej
    started a topic HGH - Genotropin

    HGH - Genotropin

    Hey guys, i have never been using any type of AAS or HGH and im interested in HGH, i have read about 2-3 guides on how to use HGH and ive been researching alot about it, the only problem i have is that...
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  • bnd343
    started a topic beginner tren cycle

    beginner tren cycle

    Hey, first off i'm going to start with my stats, I'm 19, 6'3 and i'm currently 86kgs at about 18 percent body fat.

    I'm looking to start my first Tren A cycle, i've done countless hours...
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  • detgf4
    started a topic how to gain size/ cycle information

    how to gain size/ cycle information

    I have been lifting weights now for about two years without much noticable difference. I am trying to get big and was wondering about gear. What is a good first cycle? How do I prevent side effects? What...
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  • Brad
    started a topic unbelievably confused

    unbelievably confused

    Hoping to get some advice on lifting and nutrition. It seems like I read so many contradictions I'm always doubting the training I'm doing. My goal is to get lean and then bulk. I weigh 255 and I'm...
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  • Hellboy
    started a topic Testosterone Cypionate

    Testosterone Cypionate

    I am about to start testosterone replacement therapy and wanted to know if anyone has any advice for implementing a workout regiment in order to significantly reduce my body fat and shred up a little...
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