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  • Arm Blast tonight.
    SS: Seated DB curls w/ EZ bar skull crushers 1x20/25, 1x15/20, 1x15/15, 1x10/12, 1x10/12
    SS: Vbar pushdowns w/ Rope cable curls 1x20/20, 1x20/15, 1x15/12, 1x12/12, 1x10/12
    SS: Ezbar spider curls w/ rope pushdowns 1x15/20, 1x10/10, 1x10/10, 1x13/17

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      • Back Day
        Pull-ups wide 4x8
        Hex bar deadlifts 5x8
        Barbell row 1x15, 4x12
        Pulldowns shovel 1x15, 1x8, rp 1x12/7
        Cable row neutral rp 1x12/8/5, ds 1x8/8
        SS: Barbell shrugs w/ Supported KB high rows 4x15/12

        No training tomorrow.


        • Leg Session last night.
          SS: Lying leg curls w/ single leg calf raises 4x20/10
          Leg press 1x30,3x20, ds 1x20/15/25
          Squats 1x15, 3x10
          Bulgarian split squats 3x12
          Leg extensions single leg 4x15
          Machine leg press calf raises 1x16, 1x12, 1x10, 1x12, 1x17

          Chest Day today.
          Pec Dec 1x21, 1x15, 1x12, 1x9, rp 1x12/6
          Incline DB press 1x15, 1x12, 4x9, 1x8, rp 1x14/6
          Incline Barbell press 4x12
          Smith slight incline rp 1x12/6, 1x6/3, ds 1x9/15
          Standing cable crossover 1x20, 1x12, 1x20

          Shoulders tomorrow.

          Switched to Test E & EQ for a little while.


          • Shoulder work tonight.
            Reverse Pec Dec 1x20, 3x15
            Seated smith shoulder press 1x20, 4x10
            Cable side laterals 2x15, 4x10, 1x15
            SS: Seated front raises w/ DB shrugs 1x20/20, 1x12/10, 3x8/8

            Arms tomorrow.


            • Arm work tonight.
              SS: Ezbar cable curls w/ Ezbar pushdowns 2x20/25, 2x15/20, 1x12/15, 1x12/15
              SS: Smith close grip press w/ Standing DB hammer curls 1x15/12, 3x10/8
              Ezbar spider curls 1x15, 3x10, rp 1x12/4
              Rope pushdowns 1x20, 1x15, 4x12

              Rest tomorrow.


              • Rest day dinner.
                Bacon Cheeseburger, Fries, Queso, Blue moon.

                Click image for larger version

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                • Slab Work.
                  SS: Pulldowns wide w/ rope stiff arm pullovers 1x15/15, 1x15/12, 1x9/8, 1x6/8, 1x8/10, 1x8/8
                  Cable low row neutral 1x15, 1x12, rp 1x9/6
                  Barbell row 1x15, 3x10, ds 1x10/10
                  Rack pulls 3x10
                  Barbell shrugs 3x12, 1x20
                  Supported KB high row 4x12

                  Not sure if I'll train tomorrow or not.


                  • Calves & Abs

                    Giant set: 4 rounds
                    Single leg calf raises 10
                    Ab wheel rollouts 10
                    Standing calf raises 25
                    Roman chair knees raises 10

                    Seated DB calf raises rest pause to 80 reps

                    Leg Day tomorrow.


                    • Leg session tonight.
                      Lying leg curls 2x20, rp 1x20/10, 1x10/5
                      Leg extensions 2x12, rp 1x12/5, 1x6/3
                      Bulgarian split squats 3x15
                      Leg press 2x20, rp 1x15/7, ds 1x15/15
                      Squats 4x10
                      Machine leg press calf raises 2x15, rp 1x12/6, 1x8/5

                      Chest day tomorrow.